For the majority of people, the waterproofing measures that have been put in place are incredibly efficient, and water is prevented from permeating into water-sensitive areas and causing damage. Nevertheless, there are some instances where those waterproofing procedures fail, which leads to wasted money, resources and a lot of damage to your property. Throughout Sydney, waterproofing steps are inadequately put in place in domestic and industrial buildings, and these poorly-placed measures result in house owners and entrepreneur needing to spend more money to get the waterproofing replaced. Here are some of the primary reasons regarding why waterproofing steps fail.

Poor preparation

Any issues with waterproofing typically start at the start of the processes. A lot of things have to be taken into account when prior to starting any type of waterproofing treatment, such as whether the surface area has been cleaned, whether the surface is level and whether the surface drains water efficiently. All of these steps are specifically crucial for waterproofing procedures such as balcony membrane waterproofing, where the often-small area needs to be carefully checked for any contortion, dirt or debris.

Pre-existing moisture

In order for a surface to be waterproofed, the surface area itself requires to be entirely dry. Nevertheless, this sometimes may not be case, and the surface to be waterproofed might still have an accumulation of moisture in a couple of overlooked areas. This results in the waterproof membrane failing to do its job effectively, which leads to extra expenses. When waterproofing any surface area, constantly ensure to evaluate the moisture of the surface you’re waterproofing, even going as far as inspecting the mortar and brickwork that surrounds the surface area.

Failure to prime the waterproofing mixture

Before a waterproof membrane can be applied to any surface, the surface area itself needs to be primed. Priming any surface prepares it for the waterproof procedure which to be applied and allows for the waterproofing solution to comply with the surface area. Stopping working to prime the surface will result in an irregular and uneven surface to apply the waterproof membrane to, resulting in wetness seeping into the surface area and triggering damage.

These are simply some of the factors for why waterproofing procedures will in some cases fail. Frequently, this will boil down to poor craftsmanship and bad preparation. If you’re searching for professionals who can successfully waterproofing any surface area that you require waterproofed, talk to Dr Flood Waterproofing, Sydney’s leading waterproofing company. Our highly-experienced group has some of the country’s best specialists of waterproofing treatments and we’ll deal with you to find the waterproofing option that’s right for you. If you wish to find out more, provide us a call on 0435 153 928 today.